Rezension der Biographie über Monika Seifert

Other Education – The Journal of Educational Alternatives ISSN 2049-2162
Volume 4 (2015), Issue 2 · pp. 234-237


Monika Seifert. Pädagogin der antiautoritären Erziehung (Monika Seifert, a teacher of anti-authoritarian education) A biography by Wilma Aden-Grossmann
2014 paperback

188 pages €19.90
ISBN 978-3-95558-056-8
Brandes & Apsel
Review by David Gribble, Independent Scholar

This book, as yet only available in German, tells the story of a young woman disabled by polio who  in  the  1960s  set  up  what  she  called  a  “repression-free”  nursery  which  strongly  influenced   the creation of hundreds of similar nurseries and kindergartens all over Germany. It falls roughly into four sections: an account of her early life, an exposition of her educational principles, the story of what actually happened in her school and a short section about what happened to her after she left it.

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